You say you and Cod played for 2 hours

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You say you and Cod played for 2 hours together with the bro's and their eyes roll. The facebook forever scrolling and twitter people. If you're on Reddit you can not complain rs gold 2007 about free time. I'm just venting and probably 5 people will read this. I mean I understand exactly what you mean and where you are coming from. I'd like to play with + hours a day until I got to college and had to stop. Once I stopped I realized normal men and women play video games to get around 2 hours per day if that. So yeah 4+ is a lot even though it does not feel like it.

"Normal" people just spend that extra time doing something else online like viewing Netflix or surfing Reddit/Facebook. 4 hours of screen time per day is frankly not that much. Do you feel this guy just does this for display time--which otherwise he's exercising and interacting and working? That. That's bananas. And you're assuming he doesn't? Neither of us know anything about the guy, so speculating about everything he does or doesn't do would be pointless.

But the point still stands that it's totally feasible to spend 4 hours of daily online (enjoying RS or other stuff) and also have a life because that is what most people do already. I was trying to state is that if you spend hours per night binging shows or browsing insta/Facebook, nobody bats an eye or requires you a no life enthusiast. However, spend that time playing a match, and folks come out in full force calling you a NEET.

I am extrapolating from imperfect data which indicates a high amount of screen usage. You're suggesting that we have the entire data for his display usage. Your point about the different ways we view different sorts of display time ignores the various factors of that screen time (I have never been in a position to play with osrs with my whole family, for example, but I could happily sit down into a picture and hang out and chat with family during it). But even if it had been valid, it would be different from this case. I'm not suggesting we have complete information; I am saying that by what we could see, nothing he's doing is poor. Guessing that he does is totally irrelevant, and even when he does, that time is the part that is unhealthy.

I don't understand. I have spent a vast majority to buy rs3 gold of the hours I have in RS on discord conversing with my friends. RS on my phone while and I've played. There's no reason you can not socialize or workout or do differently life-productive things while playing RuneScape either. And I think it's totally irrelevant as well. When folks say they binged a fresh show or else they spent a few hours on instagram last nightthey weren't doing that with their family or hanging out with anyone else.