Madden 20 player coins ratings will be very different

According to Madden school, EA Sports is carrying out a large-scale reform of its player scoring system, marking their first attempt to improve the established system in many years.

According to Madden school, EA Sports is carrying out a large-scale reform of its player scoring system, marking their first attempt to improve the established system in many years.

In the past, we've always seen superstars like the '90s, reliable starters from the' 80s and backup forces from the '70s and' 60s. The system no longer exists!

In Madden 20, you will see starters with an overall rating of as low as 50. This means that the spread will be greater and we may see some third stringers with an overall rating of as low as 20.

The initial community response was mixed. Many fans' favorites will see their players rise from overall player ratings in the 1980s to player ratings in Madden's 1960s.

One of the great advantages of this change is that it provides a better way for you to buy mut coins fast. In the past, you could select 85 quarterbacks in franchise mode, and if you have several good seasons, he could achieve 99 points by his 23rd birthday. At that time, you really can't move forward any more.

Everyone knows that the quarterback will not peak in one or two seasons, so the new ratings changes will better reflect this reality.

Other minor changes to the Madden NFL 20 franchise model will include a new development system called "X-factor.". The development features you will see in this year's competition are: normal, star, superstar and X factor.

At Madden 20, you can still improve your development traits, but this year you will no longer see the decline in development traits after a bad season.

The progress process in Madden 20 has also been adjusted to give more players access to XP, but the details are still limited.

Gardner Minshew, laremy tunsil and my biggest franchise model problem.

When Nick foles fell, Gardner Minshew took over jags and started the QB game. This raised his score in Madden from 59 to 70. If you're going to get into a frenzy and start franchising before the start of season 1, you can't raise Gardner Minshew's overall score by 11 points by week 10.

Raider te Darren Waller rose 13 points over the period. Compared with Gardner, he is 26 years old and is more unlikely to upgrade, one year higher than EA's arbitrary increase in XP revenue.

The Texans want a franchise left tackle to protect Dwight Watson. To get him, they sent the king's ransom to Miami. Two first round picks, two second round picks and two players. The maximum number of assets you can trade frantically at one time is 3. A deal like tunsil is impossible.

I'm saying that because the total of mut coins is unpredictable. I don't blame EA for not seeing Gardner Minshew. No one did it. The problem is that there is no way to duplicate it. If you want to be a star player with a low overall level, it's either extremely difficult or impossible to make them a star. It's impossible for you to provide as many assets as possible to a team as Houston gave up tunsil, which severely limits your ability to work. Everything feels the same under the franchise model, because nothing unexpected can happen or happen. The scene engine is a good start, but it needs to be applied not only to RB and WR, but also to more fields. If the offensive rebounder doesn't give up, such as playing 8 games, give him the break player option. More ways to get XP are needed each week. Add real-life awards, such as rookie of the week, rookie of the month, player of the month, player of the week, etc. Add the best skinny award to the annual award for further improvement in future competitions. Make the year-end bonus four times more XP for players under 85. If Kevin king wins dB of the year, I don't want to see him as 79 next season. I like this confidence system, but I think it's really cool if a player believes in their new overall (good and bad) at the end of the season. Don't stop growing XP based on age, it's based on the whole. Adam Thielen and the aforementioned Darren Waller are only 26 years old in their breakthrough season. They can't do that in Madden, it's Madden . Add at least more trading points so that if your team is far away from the competition, you can pledge to win in the future. Change the focus player to focus so that you can improve the unit as a whole without spending a lot of time selecting draft rights. If EA goes further in allowing each series to be unique from the previous one, winning the super bowl will bring more rewards. Because now, I think it's often not enough.