Ways to prevent website shutdowns or fix them fast with proper monitoring tools

I’d recommend you to give a try to HostTracker website monitoring service and easen up your daily routines.

Sometimes even seemingly insignificant problems can cause a ton of different troubles for a website owner or a webmaster. And some problems, if they are not resolved in a quickest and finest possible way, can cause a backlash of different kinds and values for a website owner. From something insignificant like Google Ads overpayment to massive outflow of users, losing partners and even losing a lot of advertisement traffic. The latter is one of the worst things that could happen, because it depends even on webpage loading speeds, so if your website is too slow in terms of loading pages, then Google could instantly turn down your Adwords and search ratings.

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All of the above is great proof and reason why website monitoring is vital - it keeps you informed of everything that happens to the website you are responsible for and allows you to respond to those events. However, it is very difficult to do what it takes to properly monitor a website when you use a ton of independent software tools and scripts. Especially knowing that there are a lot of useful services which will make your website monitoring routines easier, your reaction faster and your response time shorter.

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I’d recommend you to give a try to HostTracker website monitoring service and easen up your daily routines. Literally, you can simply give it a try for free and without any credentials or payment data before subscription - you will have 30 days of Trial Package right after you register an account for yourself.And if you still doubt on that, you can look for some HostTracker reviews to read and understand how it works for real. Website availability checking using HTTP, ICMP, SMTP, SNMP and TCP protocols, webpage access and loading speed testing, uptime, certificate and domain validation, server hardware monitoring and even a couple of website content verifying sequences - all those services are available and will work automatically without any need of reading through reports on a daily basis.

you can look for some HostTracker reviews

To provide you with complete automation, you have an instant notification system at your fingertips. It can notify you as soon as any of the website monitoring services detects something important to the stability of the website in the reports generated with every scan you schedule. This system can use almost any messaging platform from Slack and Skype to Telegram and Viber. And if you're a pro, you can even configure this system so it will try restarting the server with an HTML POST request before sending you a notification.