Old School Runescape Demonic Gorillas Guide

Slayer Helm. The Serpentine Helm, Void Melee, Void Melee, and Ranged are all great options if you don't already have one.

While gorillas will require an enormous amount of work to eliminate but they're among the best PVM money-makers in OSRS which is why it is completely worth the effort. Before we dive into the actual guide to fight them off first, let's look at some of the things you might have to carry in the event of fighting demon gorillas.
Quest/Stats Requirements
It should be noted that one of the prerequisites is that you complete Monkey Madness 2 to unlock Demonic Gorillas.
You will also need to be able to achieve a minimum of. Magic Spells and Protection Prayers will be required (70plus prayer is recommended).

Gear Setup
In terms of gear, here are the essentials of what to armor yourself with.

Here's an example of a set-up
Best in Slot
* Slayer Helm. The Serpentine Helm, Void Melee, Void Melee, and Ranged are all great options if you don't already have one.

* Infernal Cape. You could also wear an Fire Cape or Ardy Cloak.

* Ava's Assembler. This can be useful for ranging activities.

* The Amulet Of Torture/Necklace Of anxiety. They can help you to do some solid damage. To switch between them, you can use an Amulet of Fiery.

* Rada's blessing 4. Attained after you have completed all the elite Kourend Kebos Diary tasks You can wear this to receive a prayer bonus.

Now for weapons, it'll depend on your range however you will have several alternatives to fill up your slots.

* Arclight. It is the most effective melee weapon to fight demons and it's a breeze to acquire. A Ghrazi Rapier is the next top choice, followed by an Abyssal Tactacle.

* Twisted Bow and Blowpipe. Karil's Crossbow can also be used.

* Avernic Defender. This might not be needed at all, but it is good to have a shield that can be used such as the Avernic Defender or, in any case it's the Dragon Defender.

* Barrows Gloves. These gloves are top of the line for range , and the second best for Melee. The gloves are not required however, you could bring Ferocious gloves to switch.

* Primordial Boots. Dragon Boots are the best melee boots on the market, but they are also cheaper alternatives.

* Berserker Ring. This is the best ring option to fill the ring gap. It is also advisable to imbue it with stats to increase the stats. A Brimstone Ring, or a Ring of Suffering could be used.

Among the Ranged Switches, it is a good idea to have between 3 to four of them.

Your primary switch to turn on is without a doubt your weapons , since it's the only way to do damage in the long-range.
You will also want to be sure to take an Ava's and the boots and amulet switches if you can afford too.
Killing Demonic Gorillas
There isn't an easy way to eliminate Demonic Gorillas. It takes determination and perseverance to switch gears and pray. It's not really a difficult thing to accomplish However, perseverance is key.

As for their attacks, the bad thing is that they don't always show you the things they're attacking you with over their head. They are able to strike you with the combination of three kinds of attacks.

It's a range-attack that appears to be picking up a piece of white rock and throws it towards you. This is why you should to be praying for ranged.
A melee attack in which they basically swipe using their claws. Pray melee here:
A magical attack that manifests in the form of the shape of a green block. The mage you pray to here:
Finally, it can do an attack that is a combo of the tossing of a boulder and then magical. Do your best to create magic here:
Gorillas are known to use a protection prayer to guard you whenever they come up to you. Be aware of this when you prepare your attack. Once you have accomplished enough damage, you're going to shift the overhead prayer to whatever it is you are fighting with.

Typically, after every 50 times switches occur when the gorilla is switched on, it tends to be just a bit earlier. So, you'll need to switch gears after 50 damage.

Gorillas don't change their normal attack, unless they're doing damage. That means that if they hit three zeros using any kind of attack, they will switch their attacks.

Demonic Gorilla Location
You can utilize a royal seed pod to access the area in which the gorillas of the devil live (the one that you obtained after completing Monkey Madness 2) in order to find the gorillas. It is located just north of the Tree Gnome Stronghold. It is visited during the final fight against monkey madness II.

Once you are in the caverns, you should turn on protect from range or mage, and then walk through the passageway to the area of combat. There is the option of fighting multiple gorillas simultaneously or take them on as a team. Odds on are that you will get assaulted by a gorilla before you even decide which one to fight. Make sure to pray against any of their attacks in order to avoid being attacked. Otherwise, they'll cause a lot of damage.

It is best not to cause too much damage. Once you are protecting against their attack, check whatever the gorilla is praying to aid you in deciding what to fight with. If the gorilla makes an attack of prayer from a distance then use melee. If it is praying to defend itself from melee, choose range.

Once you've got hang of how the gorilla's attacks work and the gorilla's prayerswork, it's going to become easy from there. Just be aware that each time they move overhead and you have to change your weapon and, ideally, your offensive prayer.

Tips and tricks
If you walk away and the gorilla follows your footsteps the gorilla will transform into melee.
Every time you're forced to guess, and you may take loss, take revenge.
You must immediately leave the area when you notice a stone falling off the ceiling.
You can use the royal seed pod to reach the Grand Tree or bank once you're out of food and prayer potions.